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GTA IV Trailer Countdown!43036,109
GTA IV Trailer Released!22932,374
First GTA V trailer is here!21770,366
GTA V Announced! Trailer coming 2nd November15722,698
Things Will Be Different14923,418
GTA IV PC release confirmed!14124,749
GTA IV Trailer #2 Released!11525,749
GTA IV PC details and screenshots emerge8717,580
Trailer 3 Released - Move Up, Ladies7812,291
NYC Politicians Outraged at GTA 46912,649
Nintendo announces GTA: Chinatown Wars for the DS6819,561
GTA IV Box Art Unveiled, Trailer 3 Announced6612,239
Design changes bring TGTAP to wider audience6524,768
Possible GTA V hint in EfLC manual?6440,880
Microsoft Paid $50 Million for GTA IV DLC5622,869
GameInformer's World Exclusive GTAIV Preview - Details5318,336
Recommended GTA IV system requirements5123,542
GTA IV Trailer #2 - Coming June 28th509,885
Vice City Stories Released On PlayStation 24926,535
First Vice City Stories Details from GamePro AU4813,752
GTA IV Screenshots and Previews Galore!4811,206
GTA IV Episodic Content Exclusive to 360, confirms Take-Two4710,650
GTA IV Release date announced!478,432
Rockstar Announce Vice City Stories4613,396
Official GTA IV website now live!468,554
Second DLC: The Ballad of Gay Tony announced4419,168
Incredible Fake Map4415,853
UK Release Date?449,413
GameInformer Grab GTAIV World Exclusive Preview4310,707
Five New GTA IV Screenshots439,681
GTA IV Preview From Official PlayStation Magazine UK4212,082
IGN.com review GTA IV417,806
GTA IV Delayed!4011,490
Hardware Limitations and GTAIV407,798
Happy New Year, and a new TGTAP!3914,981
GTA V Is Coming on 17th September, 20133911,749
GTA IV recommended PC specifications released, game delayed?3710,055
Episodes From Liberty City Coming to PC and PS33612,490
GTA IV Trailer #4 Released Plus New Exclusive Screenshot!369,414
Games™ Preview with new GTAIV info368,318
GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis3527,928
GTA IV To Use NaturalMotion's euphoria Engine?3514,468
San Andreas Given AO Rating!359,863
GTA IV Trailer, Not Teaser358,904
EA Launches Hostile Takeover Bid for T23414,619
First screenshots of The Lost and Damned released346,005
San Andreas Now Available on Mac App Store3322,779
Jack Thompson reaches out to Take Two exec's mother3312,128
TGTAP Mentioned in OPM as one of the leading fan sites for GTAIV Info336,908
New Stunt Vid - Animosity3215,649

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