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Cheats for GTA is an app that provides simple, quick and easy access to every cheat code for every Grand Theft Auto game on all consoles/platforms. It's available for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle/Fire, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1/10. And it's absolutely FREE!


Does it really have cheats for every GTA game?

Is this app really free?

My device is in English, can I use the app in a different language?

Can I help translate into my language?


iPhone & iPad Screenshots

GTA Cheats iPhone screenshot 01 GTA Cheats iPhone screenshot 02 GTA Cheats iPhone screenshot 03 GTA Cheats iPad screenshot 01 GTA Cheats iPad screenshot 02 GTA Cheats iPad screenshot 03


Android Phone & Tablet Screenshots

GTA Cheats Android screenshot 01 GTA Cheats Android screenshot 02 GTA Cheats Android screenshot 03 GTA Cheats Android tablet screenshot 01 GTA Cheats Android tablet screenshot 02 GTA Cheats Android tablet screenshot 03



Please visit and post in the forums if you need support for this app, or would like to report a bug or request new features.

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