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GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!191,042,254
Exclusive GTAV Screenshot for TheGTAPlace6327,990
GTA IV vehicle modding begins24204,671
[April Fools] New GTA City Named as Chicago!30166,091
GTA IV PC patch released3157,705
GTA IV PC patch available!4143,511
Ill-Gotten Gains Update: Part Two Coming to GTA Online 8th July1141,233
Rockstar Asked & Answered: Rockstar Editor, GTA Online Updates, PC Mods and More380,001
Ill-gotten Gains Update for GTA Online Coming Next Week275,396
SA-MP 0.2.2 R2 Released1272,068
First GTA V trailer is here!21771,179
Grand Theft Auto V Now Available for PC!670,315
4 Mod Installer v0.1 released766,691
Rockstar Introduces the Rockstar Editor365,774
GTA Online Title Update 1.08 Adds New Capture Mode357,894
Los Santos Recreated in Cities: Skylines157,411
Vice City Out Now on the PSN Store456,584
TheGTAPlace Exclusive GTAV PC Screenshot from Rockstar255,167
GTA: San Andreas for Mobile Now On Android & Kindle Devices, New Trailer and Giveaway154,548
Liberty City Stories Released on iOS, Coming Soon to Android253,970
GTA: San Andreas Xbox 360 Games on Demand Re-release Out Now153,736
GTA V PC Hands-on Previews353,047
15 New 4K Screenshots of GTA V for PC152,764
GTA: San Andreas Released on iOS449,724
GTA Online: Lowriders - New DLC Coming 20th October249,299
GTA Online: The High Life Update Now Available549,215
GTAV 60 Frames-per-second PC Trailer249,039
GTA: San Andreas Is Coming to Mobile Devices in December547,781
GTA Online: The Business Update Coming Next Week246,950
GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals - Now Available145,775
GTA Online Independence Day Special Starts Today544,764
GTA Chinatown Wars Updated for iOS, Released for Android and Amazon244,486
Grand Theft Auto V Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC This Autumn1543,119
GTA Online: "I'm Not a Hipster" Update Now Available842,737
GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Trailer Released141,800
Game Informer's World Exclusive GTA V Preview!1641,508
Possible GTA V hint in EfLC manual?6441,265
Grand Theft Auto V Now Available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One341,083
GTA: Online Spring Updates - Heists Are On The Way241,065
The First GTAV Stunt Videos240,779
GTA Online Capture Creator Now Available - #CaptureWeekend340,643
GTA Online: Cunning Stunts Now Available140,379
GTA Online Update: Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta, Capture Mode1340,001
Title Update 1.12 Arrives With Tons of Fixes, GTA Online Capture Creator Coming Friday139,957
GTA Online Free Beach Bum Update Coming Next Tuesday, New Wallpapers439,846
GTA Online: The High Life Update Coming Tuesday 13th May339,648
Fansite Exclusive New-Gen GTAV Screenshots139,208
The Lost and Damned 100% checklist1339,198
BBC Producing Drama Based on the Making of Grand Theft Auto238,547

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