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GTA IV vehicle modding begins23202,211
[April Fools] New GTA City Named as Chicago!29162,933
GTA IV PC patch released2151,602
GTA IV PC patch available!3133,220
SA-MP 0.2.2 R2 Released1169,691
4 Mod Installer v0.1 released664,922
First GTA V trailer is here!21664,047
Exclusive GTAV Screenshot for TheGTAPlace562,223
GTA Online Title Update 1.08 Adds New Capture Mode256,596
Los Santos Recreated in Cities: Skylines053,530
GTA: San Andreas for Mobile Now On Android & Kindle Devices, New Trailer and Giveaway050,898
15 New 4K Screenshots of GTA V for PC049,931
Vice City Out Now on the PSN Store348,860
GTA Online: The High Life Update Now Available447,996
GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!1846,906
GTAV 60 Frames-per-second PC Trailer146,668
Grand Theft Auto V Now Available for PC!546,590
GTA: San Andreas Xbox 360 Games on Demand Re-release Out Now046,085
TheGTAPlace Exclusive GTAV PC Screenshot from Rockstar145,886
GTA V PC Hands-on Previews245,729
GTA Online: The Business Update Coming Next Week145,707
GTA: San Andreas Released on iOS345,127
GTA: San Andreas Is Coming to Mobile Devices in December443,873
GTA Online Independence Day Special Starts Today443,500
Rockstar Introduces the Rockstar Editor242,780
Grand Theft Auto V Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC This Autumn1441,583
GTA Online: "I'm Not a Hipster" Update Now Available741,407
Grand Theft Auto V Now Available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One239,726
The First GTAV Stunt Videos139,571
GTA Chinatown Wars Updated for iOS, Released for Android and Amazon139,547
GTA: Online Spring Updates - Heists Are On The Way139,512
GTA Online Capture Creator Now Available - #CaptureWeekend239,435
Title Update 1.12 Arrives With Tons of Fixes, GTA Online Capture Creator Coming Friday038,765
Possible GTA V hint in EfLC manual?6338,469
GTA Online Update: Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta, Capture Mode1238,428
GTA Online: The High Life Update Coming Tuesday 13th May238,337
GTA Online Free Beach Bum Update Coming Next Tuesday, New Wallpapers338,022
The Lost and Damned 100% checklist1237,750
Rockstar Asked & Answered: Rockstar Editor, GTA Online Updates, PC Mods and More237,345
GTA Online Beach Bum Update Now Available837,137
Fansite Exclusive New-Gen GTAV Screenshots036,894
What's in Store For GTA Online, Plus 79 New Screenshots in 1080p136,355
GTA Online Valentine's Day Massacre Special335,289
BBC Producing Drama Based on the Making of Grand Theft Auto135,288
GTA V's First-Person Mode Revealed in New Hands-on Previews235,150
Official Launch Trailer for GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One Released034,838
GameSpy Server Closures and Rockstar Titles134,476
New San Andreas PS2 ARMAX Codes433,429
Game Informer's World Exclusive GTA V Preview!1533,337

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