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New Stunt Vid - Animosity

By Chris | 31st Mar 2005 at 23:44 GMT in Vice City | 31 Comments
We have a new Vice City stunt video hosted here at The GTA Place, this is the debut video from new stunting clan Terror Squad. Consisting of ZeroX, Matt and Urban Legend.
ZeroX writes:
Debut stunt video of the new Vice City stunting clan Terror Squad, in this you will see the latest stunts from ZeroX, Matt and Urban Legend. Editing by ZeroX. A must download for any stunter.

It's an excellent video in my opinion, lots of quality grinds and innovative stunts are performed, with some of the GTA LC mod being used too. Overall one of the best videos I've seen so far. It's in .wmv format but brilliant 640x480 high resolution so go and download it now! It's just over 56MB. Oh and you'll need WinRAR to extract it.

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Download Animosity - by Terror Squad

New Stunt Videos

By Chris | 12th Mar 2005 at 13:34 GMT in Vice City | 13 Comments
No, it's not mine, that's coming at a later date. Johnline and his friend Sean have each created a great Vice City stunt video. Using various mods it makes for some nice new stunts around the city, as well as some well known ones. The video is DivX encoded so if you find you can't play the video you'll need to download DivX from Here.
Johnline's video is around 5 minutes long and is just over 36MB in file size, Sean's is around 3 minutes long and is just over 23MB in file size. Dialup users will need a few hours to download it.
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Download Johnline's Organised Chaos - 36.14MB
Download Sean's Organised Chaos - 23.41MB

Post your comments on both vids. Enjoy.

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