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IGN's 2nd part of Life in the Hood

By Adriaan | 28th May 2005 at 19:36 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments
Yep, IGN released their second part of Life in the Hood. This time it focuses on shopping, modding, dating, pool and tagging. Be sure to check back next week when they will be releasing their 3rd part. There is also rumours going on that a possible video is on the way.. so check back soon.

Link: GTA:SA: Life in the Hood, Pt. 2

San Andreas Stunt Video: Welcome to the fold

By Adriaan | 28th May 2005 at 12:02 GMT in San Andreas | 8 Comments
Today we add another great video from Sinzar. He is the author of the video's such as Hitman Diaries Episode 1 and 2. This time round he's video is in the form of a stunt video. The first San Andreas stunt video here at The GTA Place.
Posted Image

The video is over 5 mins long and are just over 21 mb. This is just a taste of what to expect in the future when we and our community gets hold off GTA: San Andreas for the PC!

Click here to download

UPDATE: Please re-download if you got a corrupt zip the first time. It has been fixed now.

IGN Xbox Weekend Updates

By Adriaan | 27th May 2005 at 13:57 GMT in San Andreas | 7 Comments
We've just recieved word from Rockstar that IGN will have a series of San Andreas updates this weekend. IGN recently updated their Xbox gallery with 8 new screenshots to kick the weekend off.
Posted Image Posted Image

We will be updating our galleries as soon as we recieve the unwatermarked screenshots and will also keep you updated on the IGN previews.

Update 1: IGN published it's first part off GTA SA:Life in the Hood
Update 2:IGN released their second batch of screenshots. It features car modification, clothing, dating, spray tags and pool.

New San Andreas Xbox Screenshots

By Chris | 19th May 2005 at 21:39 GMT in San Andreas | 6 Comments
Rockstar have just sent us a batch of new screenshots for the Xbox version of San Andreas. Thirteen new screenshots have now been added to the Xbox gallery.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Check out the Xbox Screenshots page.

We've also received a full version of the GTA Liberty City Stories logo from Rockstar too. Click the thumbnail below to view the full version, you can use it for whatever you want.

Posted Image

New PC Screens & Xbox Trailer

By Chris | 18th May 2005 at 18:37 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments
Rockstar have updated the Official PC site with 4 new screens seen below.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

They've also updated the Official Xbox site with the trailer that was released on IGN yesterday.
We've updated the trailers page on the website with links to the .wmv and .mov files of the Xbox trailer.

Links: PC Screenshots, San Andreas Trailers

IGN's Xbox trailer

By Adriaan | 17th May 2005 at 12:37 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments
<img src="http://forums.thegta...gtasaxbox1.jpg" width="160" height="120" border="1" align="left">IGN recently released a brand new Trailer for the Xbox version of GTA: San Andreas. The clip is 58 seconds long and as far as gameplay goes, nothing is different than the PS2 version. Very noticeble is the higher polygon count and the higher resolution textures.

So go check it out at IGN

Gamespot Xbox Hands-On

By Adriaan | 17th May 2005 at 12:18 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments
Finally gamespot published their preview for the Xbox version of GTA: San Andreas. Not much has been revealed that we already know, but there is 6 brand new screenshots availible to see.

Links: Gamespot's Xbox hands-on , Xbox screenshots page

Xbox Screens Update

By Chris | 7th May 2005 at 01:07 GMT in San Andreas | 7 Comments
You saw 2 new Xbox screens in IGN's preview last week, literally 5 minutes ago before posting this I received the unwatermarked copies from Rockstar.
Check out our updated San Andreas Xbox Screenshots page to see them.

Posted Image Posted Image

New PC and Xbox Screens

By Chris | 5th May 2005 at 13:28 GMT in San Andreas | 2 Comments
German games magazine Spieleflut have a selection of new San Andreas PC and Xbox screenshots on their site. We'll update our galleries when we get the high resolution shots.

PC Screenshots
Xbox Screenshots
Thanks to GTAInjection for the info.

All Cheats Uncovered!

By Chris | 2nd May 2005 at 23:55 GMT in San Andreas | 12 Comments
Skiller, a member over at GTAForums, has used a great tool made by CMX to uncover 13 new button codes for San Andreas!

Chaos Mode
Pedestrians riot, just like they do in the final mission strand. Houses are on fire, people run down the streets carrying TV's and so on.

Spawn Hunter

Spawn Tanker

All cars have Nitros

Maximum Vehicle Stats

Hitman in all weapons
Automatically gives you the hitman level for all weapons.

Maximum Respect

Maximum Sex Appeal

Traffic is country vehicles (minus hillbilly gear)
This is the same as the other 'traffic is country vehicles' cheat, although you don't recieve the hillbilly gear.

Cloudy Weather

Peds Attack (guns)

All traffic is crap cars

Infinite Ammo

Have fun with those. Thanks to And also to Skiller, edisoncarter and CMX for aiding us in finding all the codes.

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