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GTA LCS Featured In Next Month's OPS2UK Magazine

By Chris | 19th May 2005 at 20:09 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 0 Comments
The latest issue of Official PlayStation 2 Magazine (UK) contains hints that a preview of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (which will be in 3D for those of you who were sceptical) will appear in Issue 61 of the magazine which hits shelves on June 16th, so make sure you get hold of a copy if you live in the UK.

Thanks to GTAPSP for the heads up.

GTA: Liberty City Stories official site launched

By Adriaan | 18th May 2005 at 13:16 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 8 Comments
<img src="http://www.thegtapla...e3posterth.jpg" width="160" height="220" border="1" align="left">

The official site for GTA: Liberty City Stories has been launched. Above that, Jordan from, who is currently at the E3 in Los Angeles, managed to take a picture of a poster for the new title.

At this time the official site for GTA: LCS doesnt contain any media or info about the game, but we expect to see more as the E3 convention continues this week.

Click here to see the poster.

GTA Liberty City Stories Officially Announced

By Chris | 17th May 2005 at 23:21 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 0 Comments
Take Two have a press release officially announcing the title of the GTA game for the PSP - Liberty City Stories.
The title is to be shown behind closed doors only, so if you haven't got an invite you aren't going to see it.

"We have worked very closely with Rockstar North to bring the same integrity and production value of the previous Grand Theft Auto titles to the PSP system," said Gordon Hall, President of Rockstar Leeds. "People's expectation for a Grand Theft Auto title will always be very high, and we're confident that we can deliver a revolutionary experience. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will be the most intense and epic title created for the PSP system, undoubtedly setting the standard for this groundbreaking platform."

Read more of the Press Release for more comments on the game.
GTA LCS is due for release this fall, after the European release of the PSP console, September 1st. We're looking forward to it.

GTA Liberty City Stories

By Chris | 15th May 2005 at 11:38 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 10 Comments
Just one day before the start of E3 and gaming site Joystiq have essentially confirmed the name of the Grand Theft Auto PSP game.
Liberty City Stories will be its name.

I was able to check out a few of the booths being built at E3 this afternoon, one of which was that of Rockstar Games. It was pretty simple—basically just a bunch of buses parked inside a chainlink fence—but the important part was what was painted on the buses. You see, each one was dedicated to a different Rockstar project, and, nestled between a Midnight Club bus and a Bully bus (delightful alliteration, might I add), was a bus that was painted totally black but for a bit of text that read, “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories” directly beneath the PSP logo. Could this be the official title of GTA PSP?
- Clutch

To further the claim, Rockstar Games are the registrant of the domain name which makes this a very viable name for the game.
We'll bring you more news as we get it. Our Liberty City Stories section of the website will from now on be reachable via, a rather apt domain for the game don't you think?

Thanks to Codename:GTA for the news.

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