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VC Stunt Video & More Mods

By Chris | 29th May 2005 at 00:22 GMT in Vice City | 11 Comments
Tonight I have added a new stunt video and a load more mods to the database - according to the previous poll it's what you wanted to see more of. First of all the stunt video named 'One Step Beyond'. It's the latest stunt video by ZeroX, the newest member of the ATS stunting crew. Only a solo video this time but still worth the watch!
The reason ZeroX made a solo video is because he wanted to improve his editing skills and didn't have the time to do a whole vid worth of new stunts, which is why you may notice a couple of older stunts mixed in with the new ones. The editing turned out pretty good.

Posted Image
Download 'One Step Beyond' 50.74MB .wmv

And the new mods with both manual and .vcm versions for you, in no particular order:
1984 Porsche 911 Carrera - Manual :: VCM
1986 Jeep Cherokee - Manual :: VCM
Dodge Ram SRT-10 '04 - Manual :: VCM
Chrysler 300C '05 - Manual :: VCM
Toyota Supra '95 FnF - Manual :: VCM
Rancher FP-150 - Manual :: VCM
Peterbilt 379 - Manual :: VCM
Porsche 911 Twin Turbo '97 - Manual :: VCM
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI - Manual :: VCM
Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 - Manual :: VCM

Enjoy! This recent addition brings to over 500 mods in the database!

GTA London TC Released

By Chris | 24th May 2005 at 00:08 GMT in Vice City | 10 Comments
The GTA London Total Conversion mod for Vice City PC was released on Sunday, after 3 years in development, Xenon has stated that v0.2 BETA has been released and is available from

Some of the features in the latest version include:

> 16 new cars, most made specifically for this mod
> New police uniform for player and actors
> Xenon's BBC Mod
> Cocanuta's Warner Brothers' Mod
> Dozens of textures changed, including tarmac roads (with white lines), London fire truck and ambulance, and Tesco shopping bags

Be sure to download the most recent version and any bugfixes, some are released every day. Xenon hopes to get a full version out within two months, what we see now is just a taster of what's to come.


GTA London Release

By Adriaan | 21st May 2005 at 16:01 GMT in Vice City | 3 Comments
Tommorow is the release date for the GTA London total conversion mod running on Vice City. After 3 years in it's history, Xenon from happily announced to me today that he will be releasing the first version of this mod.

Below we outline some of the features that can be seen:

► 20 new cars, some made specificly for this mod
► New police uniform for player and actors
► A new underground cavern Downtown
► New spawning positions for all vehicles
► New character spawning position
► No roadblocks
► Get drunk at the malibu for $5
► New vehicle spawning cheats
► Xenon's BBC Mod
► Textures changing

So check back tommorow around afternoon(GMT) at

New Community Stunt Video

By Chris | 1st May 2005 at 14:39 GMT in Vice City | 4 Comments
The guys over at GTAStunting have just released an excellent stunt video. Various community videos have been released over the years, but this one has to be the best. I can safely say it's the best stunt video I have ever seen.

Dedicated, released by it's editor NightKnight, is 5 minutes long and is over 80MB. Don't let the size put you off though, it's great quality, full off amazing stunts.

Download it Here.

On this note I'd like to say we are planning our own community stunt video, however I need to know that enough people are interested, and that you will have the PC version of the game, which judging by the previous poll a lot of you will.
Please be sure to vote in the newest poll and reply to this topic if you have any questions.

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