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New San Andreas Pages Coming Soon

By Cough7007 | 24th Feb 2005 at 23:06 GMT in San Andreas | 10 Comments
Sometime in March, The GTA Place will hold new San Andreas reference pages in the San Andreas area. Pages include: swimming tips, eating tips, a gang list, a character list, and a finished weapon list. Chris has been busy with school and website operations for a while, so the assignment has been turned over to me. ALL of the pages will be up by March, but please note that all of these pages will be added one-by-one as they are completed.

Thanks for reading,
--Ryan H. (Content Editor)

Two More Cheats

By Chris | 20th Feb 2005 at 17:42 GMT in San Andreas | 5 Comments
Yet again edisoncarter has found a couple more cheats

Have 6 Star Wanted Level:

Never Wanted:

The Cheats page has been updated accordingly.

Ninja Cheat

By Chris | 10th Feb 2005 at 14:03 GMT in San Andreas | 7 Comments
edisoncarter's found another new cheat, this one changes everything to a ninja theme.

Ninja Theme:

Changes all peds to Asian's with Katana's and most vehicles are black bikes.

Have fun with it.

More cheats...

By Chris | 3rd Feb 2005 at 00:29 GMT in San Andreas | 3 Comments
edisoncarter of GTAForums has done it again and found another couple of new codes, one for Adrenaline mode, and one for recruiting any person into your gang.

Adrenaline Mode
Causes slower gameplay and gives you greater strength enabling you to punch harder and send people flying, and push cars around with your body.
X, X, Square, R1, L1, X, Down, Left, X

Recruit Anyone To Your Gang
Recruits get a 9mm if they don't already have a weapon.
Down, Square, Up, R2, R2, Up, Right, Right, Up

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