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GTA: San Andreas Released in Japan

By Chris | 29th Jan 2007 at 23:57 GMT in San Andreas | 9 Comments
We reported on San Andreas coming to Japan back in November, now we're a few days late here, but you can blame that on the fact we don't know anyone who speaks Japanese, and the fact there was no press release in the Western world. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released in stores across Japan last week, on Thursday, 25th January to be precise, that's according to the official Japanese GTASA site itself. Rather surprisingly it seems to be doing quite well considering how previous iterations didn't prove to be particularly popular among the Japanese - German gaming site reported last Friday that first day sales figures show around 200,000 copies were shifted.

The official Japanese GTASA site has been carrying a few news updates in the past month, mainly to announce Capcom's promotional events and parties for the game, in addition to wallpapers and the official trailer release. There's no need to start digging around the Japanese site looking for new content though - the wallpapers and trailer are the exact same ones we were presented with 2 and a half years ago, albeit with Japanese subtitles.

The game is rated Z by CERO, the Japanese equivalent to the ESRB. This is the highest rating a game can achieve in Japan and is equal to the AO rating seen on American games, and basically means the game should only be played by persons aged 18 and older.

Link to official 'announcement': (On the News page - in Japanese)

La Z Boy Recliner

By Switch Designs | 27th Jan 2007 at 07:32 GMT in San Andreas | 9 Comments

Some times I just can't relax enough while playing GTA San Andreas, so I made a mod to help out with that just a bit. This mod will replace your Go Kart in GTA San Andreas with a La Z Boy Recliner.
Posted Image
You can download the La Z Boy Recliner mod here.
I also have added 2 rendered preview shots of the recliner out of game.
You can also purchase the model for use in other applications here.
And check out the GTAforums post for the mod here.

Granite Maul

By Switch Designs | 23rd Jan 2007 at 10:06 GMT in San Andreas | 12 Comments
Well it's been a while since I have made any mods for GTA and lately I have not been too sure that there would ever be any more. I have been working as tech support for a major car and home audio company, playing a lot of Runescape, FFXI online and I also like messing around in Second Life as well as everyday family life with my wife and my 2 kids. Even with all these things that tend to come before my modding and modelling I still think about you all everyday. So finally I have put away a little time and made all of you a nice little mod that I like to call The Granite Maul. The idea for the granite maul came from Runescape and the lame model of an ugly granite maul which is in that game. I decided that since I could not modify the one in Runescape to make it better that I would just make one from scratch for San Andreas. To all the staff at TGTAP and to fans all over the world sorry for just disappearing.

This mod will replace your bat in GTA San Andreas with a Granite Maul.
Posted Image
Download the mod here.

Here is also a better 3ds rendered picture of the gmaul
Posted Image
This version of the model can be purchased from here for use in other applications.
I can't sell my mods but my models are fair game.

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