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Vice City Stories PS2 Version - Sony

By Chris | 25th Jan 2007 at 17:20 GMT in Vice City Stories | 7 Comments
After the farce with the ESRB adding and then removing the listing for Vice City Stories PS2 version, we now have much more definitive information which essentially confirms the title's existence.
A search on for "Vice City Stories" now reveals a PlayStation 2 port of the game, the more detailed page can be found here. Note the fact it now has a SLUS number, a unique number Sony give to each game they certify.

Rockstar don't comment on "rumours and speculation", so we will have to wait for an official press release from Take Two to confirm the title, it can't be too long until we get one - more and more of the larger gaming sites have picked up on the ESRB article and have reported on it so it's pretty well known already.

ESRB Removes VCS PS2 From Website

By Chris | 22nd Jan 2007 at 20:45 GMT in Vice City Stories | 11 Comments
The ESRB's listing of Vice City Stories for the PS2 may just have been a huge blunder after all. Earlier today the Entertainment Software Rating Board removed the PlayStation 2 version of Vice City Stories from their website. The search we linked to yesterday now returns just 1 result - the PSP version of Vice City Stories.

I can't think of any reason for the ESRB to remove a rating, unless of course that decision was made by TakeTwo or Rockstar, but in any case the game wasn't ever 100% confirmed. As of yet we still haven't seen an official press release from Take Two announcing the title for PS2, hopefully we will do soon, as you are no doubt just as confused as we are.

Vice City Stories Coming To PS2?

By Chris | 21st Jan 2007 at 01:51 GMT in Vice City Stories | 29 Comments
It's been all but confirmed by Rockstar themselves now, the question many people have been wondering about has finally been answered. Vice City Stories does indeed look like it's coming to the PS2 after all.

Many people speculated that Rockstar would not bother porting the game to the PS2, seeing as we will see the release of Grand Theft Auto IV this October dwarfing all other GTA games, but a search on the official ESRB website for "Vice City Stories" now lists a PlayStation 2 version of the game too, with the same 'M' rating and descriptors as the PSP version. This means Rockstar must have submitted the game to them.

See for yourselves on the ESRB Search page for "Vice City Stories". We'll hopefully have a press release from Take Two soon, confirming that this is correct. Stay tuned for more VCS and GTA4 updates.

UPDATE: After reading some of the comments here I checked other countries rating sites and was unable to find any other mention of a PS2 version. The BBFC (UK) only has the trailers rated for the UK, PEGI (Europe) only has the PSP version, and while the OFLC (Australia) does have a PS2 version rated, it doesn't have a PSP version there, suggesting the listing is a slight mistake by the webmasters when it was submitted back in September.

Thanks to Neil for the heads up.

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