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GTA PSP Release Date?

By Cough7007 | 25th Feb 2005 at 16:32 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 10 Comments
Rockstar games announced that the 3-D portable game would be released on April 15th, but it's not completely official. All we know about Grand Theft Auto: Portable is that it will be set in Liberty City, and have somewhat the same graphical movements as GTA 3 for the PlayStation 2. It will definitely be a great game (and one of the best) for the PlayStation Portable.
Remember, this all remains speculation, so we'll keep you posted if we learn more about the Rockstar Games release date.

To learn more, check these links out: SPOnG, GTAForums

UPDATE 1: Gamespot now have a page for GTA PSP, on which they state the release date as 15th May 2005. Could Gamespot know something we don't know? Or are they just taking a good guess at what they think it will be?
We'll update you when we get any more info on this.
Check it out: GTA PSP at Gamespot
Thanks to (Under Construction) for this update.

UPDATE 2: Just been notified that May 15th is actually a Sunday. Meaning no games will be released that day, so we can confirm that is NOT the release date everybody, sorry if anyone was mislead, we'll just have to wait until Rockstar tells us more on this issue.

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