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New GTA IV Poster and Downloads Available

By rockstarrem | 21st Sep 2007 at 02:34 GMT in GTA IV | 7 Comments
Rockstar has released a few new downloads that include desktop wallpapers, screensavers, avatars, and buddy icons. You can find them here. Rockstar has also released a new poster for GTA IV which you can order for $15.00. This poster just shows the generic GTA IV logo with the "RP" rating and red text that says "COMING SOON". You can order that here.

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New GTA IV Details from GamePro

By Chris | 7th Sep 2007 at 18:18 GMT in GTA IV | 15 Comments
The latest issue of GamePro has brought up a few new minor details about GTA IV, they saw the same missions we heard about during the last lot of previews so there's nothing really exciting here, just a few interesting snippets of information.
  • Billboards can be seen advertsing "Shark Credit Cards," "Pirate Music" and "The Whiz" (The Whiz being the type of phone Niko uses.)
  • The HUD is described as "minimalist to its core." There is a mini-map, a "low-key" cash counter, and they say that the HUD in general looks more clean than in previous GTA games.
  • Ammu-Nation no longer exists. We've heard about the new ways of acquiring weapons, namely from Little Jacob. GamePro is the first magazine to confirm that Ammu-Nation has been dropped.
  • The rocket launcher will return (obviously, this has also been mentioned in other magazines but not explicitly confirmed)
  • One of the female pedestrians screams "this shit is bananas!" from her vehicle. (Another quote we heard a while back)
  • A fare meter appears on-screen as soon as Niko enters a cab, and the camera pans around it as it drives.
  • The little green guy on crosswalks is crisp and clear.
  • Clothing in GTA IV is described as "customizable, and also realistic."
  • On shooting, the magazine states that: "the cover system borrows elements of Gears of War, and Rainbow Six: Las Vegas." It also says that "the aiming is a Resident Evil 4, over the shoulder style."
In other news, is reporting that an Australian band called "Airbourne" will have some of their music in GTA IV.

... Not only will those artists find telling exposure to key target audiences within EA's own titles, but some will also find themselves as part of other games as well – Melbourne band Airbourne will also be featured in the new Tony Hawk game, as well as Grand Theft Auto IV.

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