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The Times interviews Dan Houser

By Chris | 15th Nov 2009 at 16:45 GMT in GTA IV | 3 Comments
IPB ImageThe online edition of The Times has posted a rare, in-depth interview with Rockstar's Dan Houser. The driving force behind Grand Theft Auto looks into the man's background, avoiding the public spotlight, the controversies brought about by GTA, and touches on future plans - albeit very briefly. The article is an excellent and very interesting read, you should certainly check it out if you can spare a few minutes.

As for the boys themselves, they are already back at work. There's a Western game in the works for next spring, and the next GTA to think of. “We'll think of a city first, then the characters,” says Houser. The script he will end up co-writing will run to around 1,000 pages, nearly ten times as much as a feature film.

TLAD coming to GTA IV PC? Looks like it...

By Chris | 10th Nov 2009 at 14:12 GMT in GTA IV | 11 Comments
A new title update for GTA IV PC released today has added achievements for The Lost and Damned! No official announcement from Rockstar or Microsoft on this, but by the looks of it we can say with some degree of certainty that the game will be coming to the PC version of GTA IV.

Microsoft paid $50 million for the exclusive DLC, however, no details of the deal were ever made public - whether it was a timed or permanent exclusive, or whether it was an Xbox 360 or GFWL exclusive.

At the time of posting there is still no changelog for what else the patch does. Though as per usual there are a wide variety of opinions, some claiming small performance increases, while others say it "doesn't do dick"...

More on that when we get the changelog.

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