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Switch Designs' New Mods

By Chris | 21st Dec 2004 at 14:48 GMT in Vice City | 7 Comments
You probably haven't seen Switch around a lot since he left GTAGaming, but as he moved here he also got a new job in real life so he is now busy with that, so he probably wont be around until San Andreas is out on PC, where he will most likely be making mods for that.
Anyway since leaving GTAGaming Switch has made 3 mods, one of them, the San Andreas Bomber is already in our database but the other two he never got round to adding, but today I have added them for you to download, first of all we have the San Andreas Parachute:

Posted Image
This mod replaces your Sparrow helicopter with the parachute that features in San Andreas.
Secondly we have the RC UFO Raider:

Posted Image
This mod replaces the RC Raider in Vice City with a small RC version of the UFO found in the Vice City movie lot.

Enjoy the mods, here are the links to the downloads:
San Andreas Bomber, San Andreas Parachute and RC UFO Raider

Vice City Halo Mods

By Chris | 6th Dec 2004 at 16:24 GMT in Vice City | 7 Comments
Jacob asked me if we could host his Halo mods last week and I've only just got round to adding them so sorry bout that Jacob ;)

Anyway they're all pretty good, especially if you play Halo, I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Master Chief Player Model
Tud Player Model
Sniper Rifle
Health Pack

Enjoy, there were also a couple of other downloads I added.

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