GTA San Andreas Previews at E3

By Chris | 18th Apr 2004 at 10:49 GMT in San Andreas | 7 Comments
On an Italian gaming site they have a list of all the games being previewed at E3
and guess what... among the games was GTA San Andreas.

Amongst other games that you may be interested in are:
Call of Duty: Finest Hour
True Crime II
Burnout 3
The Godfather
Doom 3
Halo 2
Tekken 5
Gran Turismo 4
The Getaway 2
Mafia 2

So we have a nice array of games to look forward too, i think the most anticipated is obviously San Andreas
If you look through Take 2's list of games you will also notice 'Grand Theft Auto' for Gameboy Advance

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smartboy4's photo
smartboy4 18th April, 2004 @ 12:06 - Permalink
i dont think it will be fun on a GA
Chris's photo
Chris 18th April, 2004 @ 14:33 - Permalink
ok... well do you want to say why it wont be fun?
I myself dont see how they can physically make it for GBA, if they do the graphics will be really crappy and the gameplay wont be very good at all and with such a small screen you wont be able to see anything so it seems pointless to me
Righty's photo
Righty 18th April, 2004 @ 20:41 - Permalink
If it was made for GBA it would probably be overhead. Didn't they have a gta game for the GBA.
zimoo's photo
zimoo 19th April, 2004 @ 11:02 - Permalink
I'm not sure if they have made a GBA version of GTA but I agree that it'd be really crap, as there's not enough buttons and the graphics are really bad
insane_pyro28's photo
insane_pyro28 20th April, 2004 @ 20:59 - Permalink
They were supposed to make a GTA III for gameboy advance and never did...

Well thos elist of games seem really good except for True Crimes 2, that can burn and rot in hell ;)

I had no idea they were making a Tekken 5 :o
Spaz The Great's photo
Spaz The Great 20th April, 2004 @ 21:35 - Permalink
I had a chance to go to E3, it wouldve been cool. Too bad.
mickymg2003's photo
mickymg2003 22nd April, 2004 @ 18:53 - Permalink
I played it on gbc and it sucked.

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