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Rescue the little green men

By Switch Designs | 24th Mar 2006 at 23:58 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

If someone was to ask me what my most favorite GTA modification was out of everything I have made so far this one modification would be it.
We can all admit that as addicting as the mini arcade game Let's get ready to bumble is to play in GTA San Andreas, it's simply a very non attractive game. The concept of flying a bee around picking flowers off of leafs and trying to avoid spiky vines in my opinion kinda sucks. Who really wants to fly a bee around collecting flowers while playing GTA San Andreas. So I made something that's a bit more fun to look at and alot more fun to play too.
This mod will change your Let's get ready to bumble arcade minigame into a brand new minigame called Rescue The Little Green Men. I've also managed to retexture the model of the arcade machine to match thanks to the help of pdescobar for locating the arcade machines model textures.
In this minigame you get to fly a small ufo that spins through space with one mission in mind, rescuing the little green men before time runs out and they all die with out killing yourself by crashing the rescue ship into all the space junk floating in orbit around the Earth.
Posted Image
Download the mod here
I've also added some preview images of the game too.
Playing game
Dead ship


By Switch Designs | 22nd Mar 2006 at 07:41 GMT in San Andreas | 6 Comments

This San Andreas Mod will change your Micro Uzi into the Uzi from the 2006 hit movie Ultraviolet.
Posted Image
Download the mod here.
Here are some more in game shots.
In game 1
In game 2
In game 3
And if you have not seen this cool movie yet I have also included some movie shots that show the Uzi in the movie and as it turns out most of these make great PSP wallpapers too.
Movie shot 1
Movie shot 2
Movie shot 3
Movie shot 4
I also made a very small video showing CJ hitting someone with the uzis blade and knocking them down before shooting them you can see the video here. 413kb wmv ^.^

SA-MP Media Update

By Adriaan | 22nd Mar 2006 at 04:02 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments
SA-MP today released several new screenshots of the upcoming multiplayer mod for GTA: San Andreas. They've also released a brand new video that shows off some of the new features. What I like about this mod is that during some infiltration type missions other players can't see you on the radar, and of course the other way round. This allows you to sneak up to someone and kill him "silently" with your knife and other enemies won't be able to hear you. By the looks of it, they've also created several of their own multiplayer missions.

The new screenshots and video shows that we'll be able to go gambling and enter all sorts of interiors that you could only have entered during certain missions in the single player mode. Head on over to the SA-MP site to view the new screenshots and download the latest video.

SA-MP Media Gallery: Click Here

MTASA Race Server v1.1 Released

By Chris | 15th Mar 2006 at 17:00 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments
The MTASA team will soon be releasing version 1.1 of their acclaimed multiplayer mod for San Andreas. Race 1.1 will feature many improvements and bug fixes and should be available within the next few days.

If you're a server admin then you can download MTASA R1.1 and get it set up on your server ready for when the client is released for the public to play.

Details from the MTA Blog:

Here is a list of changes in Race 1.1, we've also fixed some crashes and minor bugs:
- Added: Automatic server browser refresh on open
- Added: New map nomination voting system
- Added: Respawning during map
- Added: GTA 1.0 EU/US version check
- Added: Vehicle special-state sync
- Added: Map timelimit added in map files and server config
- Added: Player animation sync
- Added: Admins can PM players from remote admin
- Added: Pings in the admin client
- Fixed: Vehiclecolors.conf file not properly formatted
- Fixed: Hydra fire rate increased back to default
- Fixed: Invalid rotation error in some maps made by the map editor
- Fixed: RCON say does not work if admin server is disabled
- Fixed: Client says you've timed out if you connect to a server that already has a player with your nick
- Fixed: Server 255 maps limit
- Fixed: Admin client stability fixes

You can download the server from

Jetsons Spaceship

By Switch Designs | 13th Mar 2006 at 09:05 GMT in San Andreas | 6 Comments

This Mod will change your hydra jet and your rcbaron into a Jetsons Spaceship.
Posted Image
Download the mod here.
I have also included some other preview images below.
RC Jetsons Spaceship.
Zmodeler2 Rendered Ship.
Idea Image.

Multiplayer Updates

By Chris | 9th Mar 2006 at 21:39 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments
Here's an update on the two big multiplayer mods for San Andreas, seeing as there's nothing else interesting to post about, yet.

First of all MTA. They've been working on hard on Race 1.1, and also the long awaited DeathMatch, and while the latter is still being worked on, Race 1.1 is apparently nearly ready for release, the QA team are ironing out the remaning bugs. New features include respawning, improved anti-cheat, and replay last map, amongst other enhancements

Meanwhile over at the SA-MP camp, they're working on porting as many single player features as they can to multiplayer.

They include Pay 'n Sprays, Ammunations, gambling, vending machines, buying food, and car mod shops (Car mod shops will probably make it into the final cake). Some of the aspects are not fully synced, such as the animation of the clerks handing you food, but that's going to be worked on.

You can read the latest news on these on the MTA Blog and SA-MP Blog.

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