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By Switch Designs | 19th Feb 2007 at 09:21 GMT in San Andreas | 11 Comments

This GTA San Andreas mod will turn your bmx bike into a new lowrider bike. It features colored by carcol file textures that can be changed to what ever color you want by just editing the carcol text file. This mod can also replace the bike instead of the bmx by just changing the names of the dff and txd to bike instead of bmx but the bike in San Andreas unlike the bmx is not carcol color controled and no matter what I did I could not get the original bike or my lowrider to change colors in game. I'm starting to think that the bike vehicle in GTA is hardcoded to one color because changing it's carcol entry does nothing, so that is why I had it replace the bmx instead so we could all have different colors. The seat and grips are secondary carcol colored and the frame is primary carcol color.
Posted Image
You can download the mod here.
I have also added a few in game preview images as well
Preview1, Preview2, Preview3
and you can purchase the model for use in other applications here.

Japan Loves San Andreas

By Chris | 2nd Feb 2007 at 20:01 GMT in San Andreas | 13 Comments
In my previous post this week I reported on the release of GTA: San Andreas in Japan and how it was doing surprisingly well. It now seems the Japanese just can't get enough of it. San Andreas topped the sales charts for the week beginning January 15th - January 22nd for all console games, which seems to be quite a rare achievement for a westernised game. A total of 227,261 copies are said to have been shifted that week.
It's fair to say that San Andreas has enjoyed a lot of coverage out in Japan, even in the pre-release stage these buses were covered in an advertisement for the game, as are these trucks currently roaming around.

This is probably the last piece of news we'll be posting for San Andreas, so it's safe to assume we're now turning our full attention to GTA IV. Stay with us for all the latest news and factual information on GTA4 we'll be finding later in the year, we're sure to be one of the primary resources for everything related to the game.

Source: Kotaku and Famitsu (for the images)

Thanks Laz for the heads up.

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