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Vice City Stories - Trademarked.

By Chris | 26th Mar 2006 at 11:30 GMT in Vice City Stories | 19 Comments
Some suprising news is flying round the interweb today.
On March 21st Take-Two filed a paper with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the trademark "Vice City Stories".
The interesting thing is the 3 things they have trademarked. It includes:
  • Vice City Stories: Computer game programs, computer game software, computer game cartridges and instruction manuals included therewith.
  • Vice City Stories: Clothing, namely, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, casual and leisure jackets; headgear, namely hats and caps; footwear.
  • Vice City Stories: Entertainment services in the nature of the production and distribution of motion picture films; production of prerecorded video cassettes, video discs and laser discs; entertainment services in the nature of a live-action and/or animated television program series and production of live-action, and/or animated motion picture films for television; entertainment services in the nature of computer games provided and played through a global computer network.
The first being the game itself, secondly the clothing, but thirdly, a TV series?
To see the trademarks for yourself, head over to the website and search for Vice City Stories, you'll see three links there.

We'll have to see what comes of this. This could be a double bluff by Rockstar. They do own numerous other trademarks which have remained unused for years. This could be just an attempt to safeguard themselves. But you never know. We'll just have to wait.

Remember that Rockstar have said the next game will be "all-new". There's nothing new about VCS. It's just building off Liberty City Stories, and using the same name? I personally do not believe this will be the title of the game. Also it's worth pointing out that Take-Two didn't bother trademarking Liberty City Stories, so I must state this is not a solid fact that this is what the next GTA will be called.

We'd like to know if you'd buy Vice City Stories if it did indeed be released for the PSP later this year, a new poll is now available to vote in, so please vote in that honestly.

Thanks to Adriaan for the heads up though.

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