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Next GTA Game in London?

By Chris | 28th Dec 2005 at 13:24 GMT in GTA IV | 7 Comments
An article on The Inquirer caught my eye today. I was sent the link by a friend and initially dismissed as it seemed completely false information, but as I was sent the link by a couple of other people I decided I'd re-read it and post about it. Stirring up a rumours is now a popular past-time it seems for news sites struggling to gain popularity among the masses.

The article essentially summarises how many games are now moving towards using real life cities as opposed to realistic false ones. They seem to think Rockstar games has "more than probably" situated the next GTA in London, England.

First proof of theory is the fact that Rockstar Games has, more than probably - placed the next installation of Grand Theft Auto franchise in the capital of Blightyland.

There is no fact that Rockstar Games have done this, it is pure speculation. We currently have no official word from Rockstar on the location of the next game, and another thing, why would they shrink down the game from 3 cities in an entire state to the comparatively deminuitive London?

So far all the sites speculating on the next installment of Grand Theft Auto have based their article around unsubstantiated opinions and until we have an official statement from a Rockstar representitive it would be wise not to believe anything you read at this point, rest assured when the setting is revealed you'll know about it from us.

So how did you get your job at Rockstar North?

By Adriaan | 3rd Dec 2005 at 21:30 GMT in GTA IV | 4 Comments
Today we bring to you the first batch of renders of Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PS3, straight from Rockstar North in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Posted Image

Ok, I'm just kidding. These are not of any GTA game currently in development. However they are the work of one guy who recently acquired a job at the studio in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was kind enough to show us the work that he did that got him this snazzy job at Rockstar North as an enviroment artist. Be sure to read this topic to check out his work. If you think you're up for it, then why not submit your portfolio to Rockstar? Currently job openings are available at Rockstar North and at Rockstar Leeds, both developing another Grand Theft Auto title. One for next generation consoles, the other for the PSP.

Rockstar Leeds

Content Creators

Rockstar North


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