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Less than 3000 accept Hot Coffee refund

By Gerard | 26th Jun 2008 at 11:25 GMT in San Andreas | 22 Comments
IPB ImageOut of the millions of people eligible for a refund of GTA San Andreas after the Hot Coffee scandal, less than 3000 people have come forward to collect their money.

After disabled, inaccessible sex scenes were found to be able to be reactivated by a third-party modification a couple of years ago, this resulted in public outrage, widespread condemnation and a handful of lawsuits being thrown at Rockstar's parent company Take Two. In 2007 they agreed to exchange any v1 copy of GTA San Andreas for a 'fixed' v2, or offer a refund of $35 if they have proof that they purchased v1.

Now months later, only 2,676 people have claimed their refund, in spite of millions of individuals having the right to a payout. Take Two were shocked at that result, and the plaintiffs' lawyer is "disappointed", and doesn't understand why people don't care. This has prompted people to claim that the case was blown out of proportion, and shouldn't have been brought to court at all.

So it turns out that people perhaps are more tolerant of sexual content after all, or realised the effort you had to go through to access the content. Perhaps the all that controversy, outrage and hysteria was just some lawyers trying to cash in on the most successful game franchise ever.

Source: NYTimes

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