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GTA IV Trailer Countdown!

By Chris | 1st Mar 2007 at 23:56 GMT in GTA IV | 429 Comments
Some exciting news for you here folks, Rockstar have updated the official site with a countdown to the first trailer! The URL has changed to end in "IV", and an improved logo is now in place with the time underneath counting down to the 29th March at 11pm GMT (you can work out from this what time it will be for you).

Posted Image
Could "IV" be something more significant than just '4'?

Check it out at and discuss this exciting news in our forums.

GTA IV Episodic Content Slated for 2008

By Chris | 1st Mar 2007 at 12:55 GMT in GTA IV | 15 Comments
Last night Take Two reported their Fiscal 2006 Financial Results. If you're familiar with these press releases you'll know that Take Two like to talk about the games which they sold during the year, as well as upcoming products which are in the making. A small mention of GTA4 revealed that the game would receive episodic content some time during 2008, rather than being available from the initial release.

Starting in 2008, Rockstar will introduce exclusive episodic content downloads for Grand Theft Auto IV.

That was all that was said about the matter. There's still no confirmation on whether the PS3 version is going to get any content, or exactly what the content is. Stay tuned as we'll have more updates on this as they are released.

GTA IV To Use NaturalMotion's euphoria Engine?

By Chris | 27th Feb 2007 at 19:34 GMT in GTA IV | 34 Comments
The news comes after it was announced that Rockstar Games became the second licensee to utilise NaturalMotion's euphoria technology. A short excerpt from the press release spells out the facts:

Oxford, UK-Feb 27 2007- NaturalMotion today announced a partnership with Rockstar Games, Inc., the world-renowned publishing label, to integrate NaturalMotion's revolutionary euphoria engine into upcoming next-generation Rockstar Games titles. Rockstar's integration of euphoria is well advanced, with today's announcement following several months of close collaboration between the two companies.

Announcements regarding specific titles will follow at a later date.

It's important to note that as of yet no specific titles have been confirmed, though it appears we'll be getting seperate announcements on those in the near future. Whether or not "several months" of collaboration is enough for Rockstar to have been using this, after all there are only 10 months until the release of the game, it should be very interesting to see this technology used. This paragraph of text should help to explain why this is quite exciting news:

Based on NaturalMotion's DMS technology, euphoria uses the processing power of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to simulate the human body and motor nervous system, thus creating fully interactive game characters that act differently every time. With euphoria, games move away from canned animation, towards a much richer, life-like experience that is unique to the player.

So essentially, you shouldn't see the same movements twice from characters, it will always be different just like in real life. It would certainly make for some very interesting game experiences. We may also see this technology used in some of Rockstar's other upcoming games such as LA Noire.

Press Release (pdf)

Amazing Fake GTA IV Box Art

By Chris | 11th Feb 2007 at 22:50 GMT in GTA IV | 16 Comments
Posting fake screenshots is something normally limited to times of slow news, but this fake box art for Grand Theft Auto IV, made by SlimTrashman, is so good even sites like IGN decided to post it. Although made 3 weeks ago, it wasn't until QJ posted it this weekend more or less thinking it was real that it became big news on gaming sites. Others realised it was fake, and earlier today QJ posted again, confirming what everyone already knew.

The box art itself is shown below, along with the Xbox 360 version. You can read more about how Slim made these by visiting his DeviantArt page, where he claims it took him between 6 - 7 hours to complete. But then it is probably the best fake box art you'll ever see.

Posted Image Posted Image

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