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Viewing San Andreas Stats for: lr1979au
Last Updated: 07/04/05 04:53
Viewed 10999 times

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General Stats
Progress made 100.00%
Criminal rating Hoo-rider (10579)
Last Mission Passed Lv Ringroad
Playing time 52:22
Days passed in game 189 days
Safehouse visits 193
Number of hospital visits 14
Times drowned 0
Luck 1000
Number of meals eaten 100
Vehicle Resprays 28
Times visited the gym 7
Times cheated 0
Missions passed
Success rate
144 after 246 attempts
Tags sprayed 100 out of 100
Snapshots taken 50 out of 50
Horseshoes collected 50 out of 50
Oysters collected 50 out of 50
Heaviest weight on bench press 320lbs
Heaviest weight on dumbbells 110lbs
Highest basketball score 0
Furthest Hoop 58.89ft
Last dance score 2980
Player Stats
Fat 0%
Stamina 100%
Total respect 98%
Lung capacity 100%
Sex appeal 50%
Muscle 100%
Player Skills
Driving skill 100%
Flying skill 90%
Bike skill 100%
Cycling skill 100%
Gambling 12%
Pilot ranking Ace
Current number of girlfriends 2
Number of girls dated 2
Number of successful dates 5
Number of disastrous dates 0
Number of times scored with a girl 1
Number of prostitutes visited 3
Progress with Denise 2.00%
Progress with Michelle 0.00%
Progress with Helena 0.00%
Progress with Barbara 0.00%
Progress with Katie 0.00%
Progress with Millie 29.00%
Weapon Skill Levels
Pistol Hitman
Silenced pistol Poor
Desert Eagle Hitman
Shotgun Gangster
Sawn-off shotgun Gangster
Combat shotgun Poor
Machine pistol Gangster
SMG Hitman
AK47 Hitman
M4 Hitman
Least favorite gang Ballas
Territories taken over 66
Territories lost 0
Territory under control 100.00%
Territories held 53
Highest number of territories held 53
Gang members recruited 30
Recruited gang members killed 7
Friendly gang members killed 39
Enemy gang members killed 2092
Biggest gang Grove Street Families
2nd biggest gang Ballas
3rd biggest gang Los Santos Vagos
Weapon Budget $407,080.00
Fashion Budget $88,398.00
Tattoo budget $0.00
Hairdressing budget $860.00
Prostitute budget $58.00
Strip club budget $0.00
Car modification budget $16,450.00
Food Budget $990.00
Total shopping budget $512,828.00
Auto Repair and Painting Budget $2,200.00
Property Budget $1,039,000.00
Gambling & Burglary
Money spent gambling $332,332.00
Money won gambling $2,476,915.00
Money lost gambling $0.00
Biggest gambling win $2,228,520.00
Biggest gambling loss $10,000.00
Number of houses burgled 0
Number of stolen items sold 0
Money made from burglary $0.00
Largest burglary swag $0.00
Bullets that hit
Bullets fired
18910 out of 35195
Kgs of explosives used 152
People you've wasted 4342
People wasted by others 713
Criminals wasted 175
Gang members wasted 2031
Kills since last checkpoint 0
Total legitimate kills 3467
Road Vehicles destroyed 587
Boats destroyed 6
Planes & Helicopters destroyed 132
Cost of property damaged $3,068,677.00
Tires popped with gunfire 251
Number of headshots 1524
Fires started 377
Number of Police bribes 15
Total number of wanted stars attained 474
Total number of wanted stars evaded 243
Success rate 58.54%
Times busted 5
Best INSANE stunt awarded Double insane stunt
Maximum INSANE Jump distance 6250.00ft
Maximum INSANE Jump height 28
Maximum INSANE Jump flips 2
Maximum INSANE Jump rotation 1357ยบ
Unique Jumps found 17 out of 70
Unique Jumps done 10 out of 70
Longest Wheelie distance 731.25ft
Longest Wheelie time 0:13
Longest Stoppie distance 147.37ft
Longest Stoppie time 0:03
Longest 2 wheels distance 284.63ft
Longest 2 wheels time 0:02
Last chase time with 5 or more stars 0:30
Longest chase time with 5 or more stars 8:15
Total Distance travelled 7998087.39ft
Distance travelled on foot 525395.69ft
Distance travelled by swimming 21495.82ft
Distance travelled by car 4667593.00ft
Distance travelled by bicycle 265889.75ft
Distance travelled by motorbike 1437846.38ft
Distance travelled by boat 58082.06ft
Distance travelled by golf cart 0.00ft
Distance travelled by helicopter 256229.27ft
Distance travelled by plane 752198.75ft
Distance travelled on exercise bike 11256.67ft
Distance travelled on treadmill 2100.00ft
Longest exercise bike time 1:45
Longest treadmill time 0:32
Time on jetpack 0:35
Flight time 1:41
Mini Missions
Highest Vigilante Mission level 12
Criminals killed on Vigilante Mission 162
Highest Firefighter Mission level 12
Total fires extinguished 187
Highest Paramedic Mission level 12
People saved in an Ambulance 110
Cash made in a Taxi $21,278.00
Passengers dropped off 50
Number of Truck missions passed 8
Money made in Truck $30,935.00
Pimping level 10
Number of girls pimped 6
Money made from pimping $11,100.00
Number of vehicles exported 30 out of 30
Number of vehicles imported 0
Time taken to Complete Quarry 24:24
Packages Delivered 54
Photographs Taken 94
Shooting range levels passed 12 out of 12
Most cars parked on 'Valet Parking' 25 out of 25
Total time in bloodring 1:00
Kickstart best score 48
BMX best time 2:53
NRG-500 best time 3:42
Best position in 8-Track 1
Best time in 8-Track 5:12
Best lap time in 8-Track 0:23
Best position in dirt track 1
Best time in dirt track 5:42
Best lap time in dirt track 0:53
Best position in Lowrider Race 1
Best time in Lowrider Race 1:26
Best position in Little Loop 1
Best time in Little Loop 0:53
Best position in Backroad Wanderer 1
Best time in Backroad Wanderer 1:50
Best position in City Circuit 1
Best time in City Circuit 1:58
Best position in Vinewood 1
Best time in Vinewood 2:39
Best position in Freeway 1
Best time in Freeway 2:26
Best position in Into the Country 1
Best time in Into the Country 3:35
Best position in Badlands A 1
Best time in Badlands A 3:16
Best position in Badlands B 1
Best time in Badlands B 3:01
Best position in Dirtbike Danger 1
Best time in Dirtbike Danger 1:53
Best position in Bandito County 1
Best time in Bandito County 2:58
Best position in Go-Go-Kart 1
Best time in Go-Go-Kart 2:14
Best position in San Fierro Fastlane 1
Best time in San Fierro Fastlane 1:38
Best position in San Fierro Hills 1
Best time in San Fierro Hills 4:42
Best position in Country Endurance 1
Best time in Country Endurance 5:38
Best position in SF to LV 1
Best time in SF to LV 3:48
Best position in Dam Rider 1
Best time in Dam Rider 2:15
Best position in Desert Tricks 1
Best time in Desert Tricks 2:19
Best position in LV Ringroad 1
Best time in LV Ringroad 2:06
Best time in World War Aces 3:11
Best time in Barnstorming 6:31
Best time in Military Service 5:56
Best time in Chopper Checkpoint 4:24
Best time in Whirly Bird Waypoint 5:35
Best time in Heli Hell 8:08

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