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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get a stats.html file?

Answer: Start up San Andreas and load your saved game. Then on the menu go to Stats and then press 'S' to save them.
You will find your stats.html file in your "My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files" folder.

2. There is a bug in your script, can you fix it?

Answer: I'll certainly do my best to, you'll have to explain to me what the bug is though. So please use the contact form to tell me.

3. I have a suggestion, where can I contact you?

Answer: Again, please use the contact form to tell me.

4. Are you going to make a "Top 10" for each stat?

Answer: Maybe in a future version, however since cheating is fairly easy this feature may be rendered useless.

5. What languages are supported?

Answer: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian language stats files are currently supported. If your stats file is not in one of these languages, go in game and change the language (English works best), then go to your stats and press 'S' to generate a new stats.html.
The page for viewing the stats however can be translated into any language in the world. If there isn't a translation for your language and you would like to make one please contact me and I can send you a file to translate.