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Search Box Mod - For IPB 1.3

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#1 Jaruff


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Posted 10 May 2004 - 01:31 AM

I have developed a Search Box Mod for IPB 1.3. Feel free to use this on your site. It takes just a few minutes to install this and requires you to edit one link.

<form action="http://yoursite.com/index.php?act=Search&CODE=01" method="post">
   <input type="hidden" name='namesearch' value="">
   <input type="hidden" name='exactname' value="1">
   <input type="hidden" name='joinname' value="1">
   <input type="hidden" name='cat_forum' value="cat">
   <input type="hidden" name='cats' value="all">
   <input type="hidden" name='cat_forum' value='forum'>
   <input type="hidden" name='forums' value='all'>
   <input type="hidden" name='searchsubs' value="1">  
   <input type="hidden" name='search_in' value='posts'>
   <input type="hidden" name='result_type' value='topics'>
   <input type="hidden" name='prune' value='0'>
   <input type="hidden" name='prune_type' value='older'>
   <input type="hidden" name='sort_key' value='last_post'>
   <input type="hidden" name='sort_order' value='desc'>
   <input type='text' maxlength='100' size='20' name='keywords' class='forminput'>
   <input type='submit' value='Search' class='forminput'>
</form>  &nbsp;

You can add this to board wrappers or HTML Templates. If you need help adding this to your forums, feel free to tell me. This mod will even work with InvisionFree.



#2 Chris


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Posted 21 May 2004 - 08:29 PM

so basically it puts the search onto the top of every page
good idea but i dont think i will be using it on these forums

#3 Jaruff


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Posted 22 May 2004 - 04:36 AM

Yep, that is what it does. I mainly made it so InvisionFree owners can say they have something neat and cool on their forums.

It is easy to install making it a good mod for those that can't make install those bigger mods.

It is basic HTML but works like a charm.

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