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The Rockstar Time

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Spider-Vice    21



So, it's that time of the year. That time of the year where finally, the game we were all waiting for is getting released. Many drops of sweat were produced, a lot of anxiety and hype was had from trailers, gameplay trailers, screenshots, previews, delays, trolls having gripes against Rockstar and simply... the time spent waiting for this. It's been good, guys, since we've listened to The Small Faces' "Odgen's Nut Gone Flake" for the first time in the trailer that marked the start of this incessant hype train, to when we listened to The Chain Gang of 1974's "Sleepwalking" in the amazing "Official Trailer".
Over this time, I couldn't let this pass without some sort of recognition. With all the time frames Rockstar gave us amidst all the hype, I just had to log them all. Time frames for trailers, previews, trailer delays due to Hurricane Sandy, infamous "few weeks or so" sayings and even leak dates that marked a change in the hype train. It has never crashed, it has just accelerated, and I'm here to say that I did log all these things. The hype consumed me to the point I wanted to make a time table on GTA V asset releases, and that's why I made this topic.
The Rockstar Time is a project I have been making for some time now, and shows what we waited for and how long Rockstar told us to wait for. The possible pain some have passed by waiting longer than what Rockstar implied, but we're now here people:


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Chris    237

Damn, hard to believe it's been two whole years almost. And that's just when we officially knew about it. All that time spent before then... waiting, hoping...


Nice job creating that though, makes me think I should have done something similar myself for an article leading up to release, too late now though heh.

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BlackListedB    86

Sure, sure, but remember, and give a moment of silence and reflection for fans who have passed on while the wait was anguishingly in process, of course, hard not to remember GTA3Freak of GTA Forums, he passed away some time ago now, but for his family and friends, time won't mean much. R.I.P.


There's not much to say since they can never experience this GTA or anything further to come down the tech pike, but that's Life


Like Tom Petty once said "The Waiting... is the hardest Part"

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