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GTA V Cheat Codes & System Requirements

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Chris    237

Never heard of that site before so I wouldn't use them as a source of information. The system requirements will just be their guesses, but as Tuner said they're going to be bullshit. The console release is 6 months away, PC release likely to be at least 12, it's too soon to even guess really. They're obviously going to be higher than GTA IV's though, and probably closer to Max Payne 3's.


They don't list any cheat codes on their site so I'm not sure what you're asking about those, but it's pretty obvious R* will include cheats similar to those seen in IV. GTA would be weird without cheats.

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TUN3R    67

Only time I used cheats in IV was when my PC was still too crap to run it and I had to play it Internet Cafe's. Takes too long to get a Comet and I was on the clock so yeah...

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