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Little Disappointed?

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I'm a little dissappointed of several things...

1st the graphics, they look LA Noire-ish. GTA IV had style I'll give Rockstar that much...

Then the cars, some of them resemble their real life counterparts about 90% and the remaining 10% are some random body mods that totally ruin the design.... others are just flat out ugly. The Huntley from IV was awesome, this one is... bah. I also haven't spotted any customized cars...

Lastly, I haven't seen any shooting... just a few guns that still look like crap.

1. Duh, being a game based in the same city made by the same people around the same time? Probably going to look similar, just sayin'.

2. Who cares if ANY of the cars resemble their "real life counterparts"? And there has to be ugly cars and crappy cars. I'm sorry, not everything is going to be fast and sexy just for you.

3. Again, who cares. We don't need car customization. But you know what? I didn't see any customized car in the original San Andreas trailer, either.

4. We don't need shooting in the trailer to know we can do it in the game. Just like they don't have to show someone stealing a car, we kind of already get that by this point. I mean, it's only the 13th iteration, not including Lost or Ballad.

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amazingdude    27

Los santos theme is okay but adding the next two cities?? It would take your pretty disk space. As for the game R* already said that its the biggest game ever to be released in the GTA series with only LA lol

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kriss3d    1

Now play nice you two. Theres no reason to get all exited.

And yes.. Its more like a teaser than anything else. Lets just sit tight and wait for R* to throw us a bone more so we hopfully get to see a tad gameplay or more plot.

So far It does look a bit like mafia style (with that guy we so far belive is the protagonist)

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BlackListedB    86

I was thinking though, in lieu of another trailer, Study the Rockstar Game Midnight Club for ideas about RAGE evolving, The story should be like either of the three GTA IV stories Episodes and Niko and Roman Bellic, and then there's DLC for GTA V as well, I am hoping there's time for all that on this Generation. The improvements will be enough, really.

Another thing is this puts some crimp in the idea of a PSVita version of San Andreas

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