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Posted 17 October 2011 - 01:45 AM

Lucky me, I have a Microcenter ACTUAL store not far from where I was residing. I did have to move with no job prospects though. They have tons of goodies and a discount section for closeouts. They once offered a HDD cloning hardware device, but it was not cheap, and most are not, you will pay about $100 for a quality CLONE, and remember, OS makers frown on such things as exact clones, there's Copyrighted, one ware per purchase they demand to make their profits, which is why these are not a dime a dozen, the intent is more for very serious replication.

There were a few BSODs in its time but the major problem for me was that it would also stop loading when it was starting Windows. What I did was either wait a while for it to slowly startup or to just reboot it (and see if it'll load Windows any better the next time). Eventually though, the problem got out of hand
My research and ownership of the K23/K25 experience proved there WAS a Class Action against Sony based on poorly built laptops, and mine required I replace the motherboard for the Vaio off eBay, it over-heated and fried the mobo, the symptom was random shut offs, my IT connection said each system branch will be damaged each time overheat causes a shutdown, eventually, no more power at all! I got a mobo on eBay at a good cost though, not so lucky getting the MS reader working on it, bought a replacement, it never worked, and the palmrest touchpad stopped working as well, Windows is partitioned and I hate partitioning myself.
It's 32bit XP Pro IIRC, not working any slower then would be expected from an old HDD with loaded ... Well, it was seemingly slower then the norm. I deleted a lot because it had a full Office Suite 2003 and worthy of not reformatting as such. I picked that system up used. If you are running maintenance on the HDD formatting, use some better aftermarket tools, the Windows ones don't always work best, try CCleaner for example ("Crap Cleaner") I'd also advise a laptop FAN BASE that runs off USB, let your Vaio sit on that cooling pad for any extended use, I even use that pad (TARGUS) for my Xbox to avoid threat of RROD!

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Posted 17 October 2011 - 07:30 PM

Yeah, that's why I suggested booting a live CD.

This would actually probably be the easiest first step.

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Posted 23 November 2011 - 05:48 AM

I tend to shake my HDDs, physically, outside of the computer, to get any reading armature loose. Perhaps screw open the case a bit, or lube it up.. Bit of a joke, but the arm that reads the discs, I think could get stuck, the hub bolts are pretty high end secure. Small damage can happen that effects all the reading if the discs or armature are damaged slightly, and as mentioned, if reading or writing, you can move the laptops, but most people make sure a PC HDD is secured fully. I never use all four screws on a PC mount, just because two can do the trick for as reliable as they are normally

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