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GTA San Andreas available on the Mac App Store

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After GTA 3 and GTA Vice City finally arrives on the Mac App Store is the most anticipated game of Grand Theft Auto series, San Andreas, of course, originally published in 2004 and now available in digital format at a price very attractive.

Moreover ported to Mac can count on a HD graphics much more polished than the original, the rough edges disappear and the characters are much more detailed. Environments have also undergone a major restyling.

As for the gameplay but there is no change of any kind, Rockstar Games has not added any content to this special edition, this is exactly the same game came out seven years ago.

Just a tip, before buying the game equip yourself with a gamepad , which is essential to fully enjoy this masterpiece.



Tun3r, please do not post anything.

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TUN3R    67

Aww you remember, thanks. Anyway it's a free country pal.

So Rockstar's 3rd excuse for not announcing the next GTA game arrived... well that's umm good I guess.

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MrLlamaLlama    96

Good to see Rockstar have actually pushed all 3 of the III era titles through now, I think it's awesome that they've kept in mind the games that got them where they are today and are willing to try new things at their own expense (AAA developers with as many as 3 games on OSX anyone?) - y'know for the purpose of discussion value.

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