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Rockstar registers new domains – the first hint at GTA V

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Noted by Supererogatory, Rockstar have snapped up some new domains, all of which sound very much like the spoof corporate titles of GTA IV, including Getalife, Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster, Zit and more. The list so far comprises of:

* CashForDeadDreams.com

* SixFigureTemps.com

* StopPayingYourMortgage.net

* HammersteinFaust.com

* LifeInvader.com

It’s interesting to note that, rather than operating via a shell group to purchase the domains anonymously, Rockstar went right out and did it in public. It may be a bit much to assume this is definitely one of the early signs of a new GTA, but, well, what else could it be?

Source: http://beefjack.com/news/rockstar-registers-new-domains-the-first-hint-at-gta-v/

This seems just like something from GTA, can't wait.

What do you guys think?

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Nice to know, thanks and welcome to the forum. :) I would think the first reveal of the game can be no more than 6 months away, if it's coming out in 2012 as many people are hoping. I think the first reveal of GTAIV was in the middle of 2007, around June, so maybe between June and August we might get an announcement, maybe even a teaser trailer.

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