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Configuring passwords

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Noob question, but hey, I just want to be sure I'm doing the right thing.

A few years ago when my parents upgraded our family computer, we bought all the hardware for the computer separately and we got a Cisco Linksys router too. A tech guy came by to help us put everything together and configure the router and yeah... he did everything.

Now a year or two ago my sister and I got laptops, and we connected to the router, yadda yadda and everything went smooth. Both our laptops got severely ruined though, and I just got both of them back two days ago. We've tried to connect them but we no longer have the password to the router stuff because I've lost them like the idiot I am, so I reset everything and now we're both connected. Only problem is: the internet is now password free. I've successfully made a SSID again, but I'm confused in the area of how to encrypt my internet so not just anybody can go and use my internet and use up my bandwidth. The following image is the basis of my confusion:


Which option should I be picking? I don't know if these variables I'm about to list makes any difference in what password protection thing I should pick but I'm going to be having multiple laptops using this internet(and obviously the main family desktop), a printer, and game systems like Xbox 360s and stuff. So do I pick WPA Personal, WPA Enterprise, WPA2 Personal, WPA2 Enterprise, RADIUS, or WEP. What is even the difference between all of these?

I'd appreciate any help as quick as possible. I don't really want any unauthorized subjects using my interwebz. :/ Thanks in advance!

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