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can you pimp cars in gta iv and if so how

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Mpilk901    16

Later on, Brucie will call you and tell you about his friend Stevie. Stevie will then text you the locations of cars he wants, so you go there, steal the car, and take it to the garage and are awarded with cash.

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Blur    13

IGN- "Lopez will likely be bringing some of his own hardware with him as well, and the Tampa muscle car that made an all-too fleeting and sadly unplayable appearance in The Lost and Damned will most probably feature as his vehicle of choice. Based on the Chevy Corvair of the late sixties, it's the kind of vehicle that would be seen driven by the Latin hotheads of San Andreas – and if it does feature, we're optimistic that the car modding features of that game could make a return, playing to the customisation culture such vehicles embody."

So does that mean that you will be able to customize your car in the Ballad of Gay Tony, no. But it is possibe.

Source: IGN

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