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Your Favorite Gta Sa Mission

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ever since.. i beat gta 3 and vice city, i felt like i was PRO.

so i played san andreas.. I beat it, i was happy... Then i beat the next 2.. LCS AND VCS. I FELT UNSTOPPABLE... So i took a break, i bought SA again.. beat it 2 more times.. for fun! then i got GTA IV. I played around, didn't do what i usually do i usually do mission for mission, but this one i played around had fun.. then i relized, Hey.. This isn't me.. then i did the missions.

So what is your favorite mission in GTA SA?

MY favorite.. The One were you go to liberty city [forget name]

Hardest: NONE, :D

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Teh1337Guy    0

Well i got a couple of them mine are

1:reuniting the families

2:the green Sabre

3:the mission where u kill ryder(forgot the name)

4:end of the line(wich waz the hardest for me :pissedred: but the funnest :lolbounce: )

last mission always be hardest... end of the line is hardest.

but the BLACK PROJECT misiion is soo hard

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shootist    0

My favorites,

1.Drive Thru


3.Just business

4.House party.

5.Reuniting the families

6.Are you going to san fierro?

7.Pier 69

8.Saint Mark's Bistro

9.Breaking the bank at Caligula's

10.A home in the hills.

11.End of the line.

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TUN3R    67

Feel like you was pro huh? Yeah GTA does that to you... the classic ones at least, IV made me feel like pro on single player but woke me up to reality in multiplayer. BOOM HEADSHIT.

Anyway favorite mission... can't pick one but I like the drive by missions most, they are scripted but they are awesome.

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