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Who is your best Character In The GTA Series

Who is your best Character out of them all?  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. Start voting your best Character.

    • Claude
    • Tommy
    • CJ
    • Niko Bellic
    • Victor Vance
    • Toni

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@Commander: Oh, sorry. GTA, GTA II, GTA Advance and GTA London included. Although I've never played GTA1, GTA II, GTA Advance, or GTALondon. Are they at all any good or are they both all three shit?

It depends if you like classics or not, GTA I and GTA II can be downloaded for free from the R* website, but London was an addon and R* never released that for some reason.

There are still alot of people out there that I have came across that don't even know these games existed and thought GTA III was the first GTA game ever. (I have no idea why they would think that)

GTA II can be quite fun on a LAN or internet (if you have quite fast speed)

Plus because I have always wanted to play GTA I from a perspective other than top down im working on my own mod for it so it's first person. :P

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Artur    6

Tommy Vercetti all the way and I guess after that it would go Niko, Claude, CJ, Vic and Tony (never played LCS though). Hopefully Johnny will be a good character and not just some typical biker.

As for NPCs...

GTAIII: Donald Love (haha fuckin' hilarious)

VC: Love Fist and Phil Cassidy

SA: The Truth

LCS: n/a

VCS: Martinez (I guess, like Bear said they sucked)

IV: Packie, Roman, Little Jacob

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NSanityHD    7
My favorite is Tommy. His Scarface attitude really showed how the 80's beat the hoods of the 90's and the modern bullsh*t of the current millennium.

My list:

1. Tommy Vercetti

2. Niko Bellic

3. Toni Cipriani

4. Claude Speed (?)

5. Victor Vance

6. Carl Johnson

Claude is from in GTA III. ;)

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Rashon.    10

1. Tommy (Badass)

2. Niko (Badass and had principles)

3. Toni

4. Victor

5. Carl

6. Claude

Other characters I liked were Roman, Packie, and Lance just to say a few.

Edited by Rashon.

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Franswurst    0

It was a tough call between Niko and Tommy, but I went with Tommy in the end because to me he just has the full package, he's the badass Mafia man who knows how to handle business, and knows how to be successful.

Niko is a real badass, and kills anyone who gets in his way which is cool, but his character isn't strong enough to make that final leap to greatness

as he ends the game pretty much how he started it.

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FamousGTA    0

I would have to say Niko and Tommy Vercetti, and i kinda like victor vance.

My NPC's List

GTA: III- 888ball and woozie

GTA: VC- Ricardo Diaz and Phil Cassidy

GTA: SA- The Truth and Ryder

GTA: LCS- JD O'Toole and Jane Hopper

GTA: VCS- Lance Vance and Luise Cassidy Williams

GTA: IV- Pakie and Roman

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