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GTA: Medieval Times?

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kriss3d    1

Id love a game like GTA only medevil style. I wouldnt want it to be a gta game but similar. Like canis edit canem (bully) which pretty much were gta with kids.

But i could see this working. Perhaps with some crawling up and down buildings (afterall this is easier with woodenhouses and such)

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unlimited90    1

I didn't read all the comments, just some of them, so sorry id somebody alredy written it:

Hello GTA-Grand Theft Auto .R* will have to rename it to Grand Theft Horse GTH :D .Anyway i don't thing that that is a good idea.Your most powerfull weapon to be a crossbow, and to have only three weapons-Spear, sword crossbow.It will be more like Diablo.

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