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GTA IV PC error codes and troubleshooting

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Chris    237

Having problems getting GTA IV to run on your PC? Rockstar have uploaded a few documents to their GTA IV support page.

This GTA IV error codes document explains all the common errors such as the MMA10 error, and how to fix them. To get rid of MMA10, you can sign out of Social Club as a temporary fix.

Another document explains each graphics setting in GTA IV, you may wish to read about this if you want to make the game look better, or if it's running too jerky, reduce some of the settings that will help it run smoother.

We expect Rockstar will soon release a patch to fix the common problems people are finding, but until then you have these documents and of course our forums for general support.

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Jace    11

Like what the fuck...

People with a GTX 260 need to play the game on medium. GTA IV is actually heavier than Crysis :o

Well, I'm not going to buy the game until this problem is fixed. The performance really is something one has to cry for.

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Gycu    1
Guess its not going to work on Sp2, Bummer. Pretty quick response from Rockstar though.

Damn right it's a quick response, they fucked up pretty well with the game, making us wait for the right hardware to play the game normally :bashhead:

FFS couldn't they made it like the console version with the proper requirements instead of this.

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Mehhh    0

I wonder what specs they mighta used to play the game, hmm..

PCizza "Supreme Extra Large" (w/ 15 toppings, * breadstix xtra) or

Mac "little" (w/ mustard,ketchup,pickle, * lettuce/mater & cheese xtra)

50 quad core pepperoni's

10 TB of sesameseed RAM

30 TB Hamburgerdrive

5 TB 3247098 Anchovy/Mushroom graphics card x10

DR PepperX 57.9a

I wonder if that would be a more suitable system to run the game flawlessly =oP

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