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GTA 3 not working

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Kugerfang    0

Every time I click the GTA 3 icon, nothing happens..... :pissedred:

But, if I check task manager, there are like 5 GTA 3 programs running..... :mellow:

I am using Win XP Professional, P4 2.26 Ghz, GeForce 6600 AGP, 1 GB RAM.....

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MrLlamaLlama    96

This happened to me with SA...

Find the exe file in C:/program files/Rockstar Game/GTA III... it should be called GTAIII or III.exe

Right click, and select 'run as..', then when the window pops up, select yourself and hit ok. Should work fine.

Other option is to reinstall. I can assure you it is not a virus causing this.

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