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This here is TOXIC's very own Gallery. Enjoy; and yeah, do Comment upon the works please. And if you need any of these, just ask what you need customized. Here they are :gappy:

ADDED - Aug 23 2008











ADDED - Nov 24th 2008












The ones you see related with GTA are banners I made for Some Stunting videos on GTAstunting [the ones of size 500 x 110 if thats too hard to understand :P]

ADDED - April 24 2009




Edited by TOXIC

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A suggestion:

Try to stick to using only a couple of colours. Green, blue and red aren't good colours to all use together. Plus, that's on a black and white BG.

Say you've got a light blue BG, don't use red text, use white text with a darker blue border. makes it stand out without looking weird.

Another piece of advice is to think about text placement. Don't stick it over an image, or a particularly 'crowded' part of the image. Put it in it's own place, neatly. Number 3 is a good example of what I'm talking about.

I do very much like the 2nd, though. Crop out say the bottom quarter and i think it would look real nice, add some text in on the right and voila. Also, amke it a bit darker overall..

Anyway, just tips and advice is all. Keep experimenting!

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I love how each of your graphics seem to have their own styles. I always have a tough time with thinking up new styles of my own. Keep them coming, I enjoy seeing them.

The best part of it being, they never require more than 15 or at the most 25 minutes. And thanks. :)

I love all of your GFX, your the shit when it comes to GFX

I understand what you mean, but I'm afraid others won't take it that way, lol.

Just change the word "****" something understandable by laymen


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Awesome one Mate, first you tried for splatter and stuff it turned out to be really good. Good job !

BTW you gonna participate in the SOTW'S ?

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I think it'll be better if I make the text as well as the biker more "fitty" in the image...[because I want it to be there =P ]

You all think that'll work?

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It's pretty cool. I don't like the black boxes, but I guess it does make it good with the image of the bike. I suggest removing the white background and see what it looks like when it's transparent, may look neat, or not.

But yeah I like it.

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DAAAAMNNN ! I forgot to hide/remove the background its done...take a look.


At TM : I wanna removzor the sentence in your sigxor... can I do something?

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