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GTASA Preorder sites (UK)

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Chris    237

Here is a list of websites in the UK with links to preorder SA. I have convienently put the price there too ;)

GAME - £32.99 - RRP £39.99

Gameplay.co.uk - £29.99 - RRP £39.99

GameLoaded - £30.69 - RRP £39.99

Amazon.co.uk - £29.99 - RRP £39.99

Special Reserve - £32.99 - RRP £39.99

Play.com - £29.99 - RRP £39.99

More to come soon! update me if you find another shop or the price has changed

oh and if someone in USA could do a list similar to this for american shops it would be good and very helpful

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dj gaz    0

if you want it on the day of release from amozon, it costs £1.65 for on the day delivery, but if you can wait a couple of days (3--5 to be precise) its free

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