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Oddest Charecter

Oddest Charecter   32 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is the Weirdiest Charecter?

    • Tony Cipriani
    • Tony's Mother
    • Big Smoke
    • Roman Bellic
    • Ricardo Diez
    • Donald Love

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Donald Love is real weird in LCS, @ GTA3 he looks like a businessman and respectful when giving orders, then on Vice City he's mute and looks like a ugly fuck. In LCS they made him pretty gay eating corpses, shouting like an idiot and he looked ugly as hell.

They fucked up Maria in LCS as well, she was respectful in 3 and SA then in LCS they made her a real bitch.

Just like Salvatore mentions: "Christ, I've meet rabbits who like to fuck less than you."

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Where's Eddie Low from IV? I know he's not a main story character, but he's the weirdest character I've ever seen in a GTA game.

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