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GTA Save need help (social club stuff too)

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GtaL    0

I had a bit of a problem, I went away for a couple of days and my younger bro had a go on my IV save 98% done and he used some cheats then took a friend for a meal which triggered the auto save, now I figured I had to restart the whole this (which I dont mind) but WILL this reset my social club status as I kinda want it too as I know the saves will be visible on my 100% stats if I carry on plus I want to enter the key competition,

plus another thing is that I dont understand why everyone thinks coz your in the 100% you get a key? when its a competition and usually you don't automatically win a competition, so I want my stats to be clean and shiny :)

so will my social club stats be rest?

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nickmcc369    0

First of all you need to give your bro an atomic wedige...then you might try to load up an older save but if that dosent work then you will prolly need to restart about the social club thing could possibly go under a new account?

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