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GTA IV Trailer #4 Released Plus New Exclusive Screenshot!

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Chris    237

Rockstar have just released the final trailer "Good Lord, What Are You Doing?" aka "Everyone's A Rat" on the official website. Check it out and let us know what you think of it. If you're having trouble getting on the official site then be patient as we'll have some alternate links up shortly. I've embedded the video below so you don't have to leave the site. The trailer is also now available on both the Xbox Live Marketplace, and the PlayStation Network.

In addition to this, a number of fansites were sent an exclusive screenshot by Rockstar, here's the one TheGTAPlace have been sent:


Thanks Rockstar!

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NotYouHaha    3
FUCK! I can't watch it :pissedred:

EDIT: I can watch it now and all I gotta say is that it was awesome, really fuckin' awesome!

Lol, probably because millions of people are watching it right now.

I saw it, it's so cool, it really shows all the new features...

the cops sitting in the helicopter, the line of cops pursuing,

and more Also, it seems as though they have put a

Ferrari (?)

in GTA IV. Cool.

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MarkD1990    3

Yes good trailer and what looked like some gameplay footage in it but i may be wrong, but sadly my computer started slowing down when it struck 10PM :pissedred: So im gonna have to watch it again and upload to youtube :innocent:

edit: Everything about it was awsome, and ive uploaded to youtube incase the video is slow for you

Plus RockStar ain't uploaded to YouTube only me :innocent:

Edited by mark866

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mark123    0

holy mother fucking jesus christ .. mother fucking. that was amazing.

from the helicopter at the start, to the chase physics, to the police in the subway.. and more importantly what niko gets thrown away by that car.. WHICH WAS AWESOME!!!...

my got that was SERIOUSLY the best trailer yet!!!!!... and .. you can really see now that EVERYTHING has been polished up and tuned.. the game looks INCREDIBLE now .. my god i HAVE TO HAVE THIS GAME!!!. im gonna fail my uni exams because of this game lol.

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Deji    4

nice. i saw it on my website and thought... OMG how did it get there! then i remembered i had the widget to cover for me whilst i made my gta 4 site.

anyway i liked the vid especially the bit where it rewinds coz i've been slow-mo-ing it and saw some cool stuff! im gonna work on my unnoficial trailer now...

i gotta say though. i was dissapointed at the time it lasted for... not very long :-( considering how long we waited.

Edited by Deji

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Swifty    0

-That trailer looked pretty tasty, had much more of a cinematic style than previous ones & if those are the kind of graphics that we can look forward to, then happy days.

-That Zonda looking thing that Niko does the J-turn in looks sweet, new Infernus perhaps?

-Can't wait for that "Heat " style bankjob, it's gona be siiiick!

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Wheelman101    1
i think its a dodge charger, looks like one

UPLOADING on youtube At this Moment

No man, that's a lamborgini

on the part where it blows up?

and next post is 1337 post..


07 Dodge Charger FBI Car!!!!

lol nvm

Edited by Wheelman101

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Artur    6

Nah usually the Lambos are Infernuses. Anyways trailer was sick, like a movie almost. All the stuff was amazing.

Edit: Charger does look sweet. Nice pic Wheelman.

During that rewinding part you can see screenshots that weren't in the trailer, not sure if they're new or not but pausing a lot during it is cool.

Edited by Artur

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