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K9 Krew

Dad's New Truck

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K9 Krew    2

Today my dad bought himself a new truck the almighty F-250 and i have to say that i'm lovin it so far, except for the slow accelration, but we can fix that ;).

It's quite larger inside than what i first thought.

Here is my judging of the truck.


Exterior: 10/10(I love big trucks)

Fuel: 4/10....guzzles it

Speed: 8/10....quite decent actully, we reached 130 Km/h on my driveway which is 750 meters long.

Unfortunatly my dad is taking it up to the mines on Wednesday, so i won't get to enjoy for too long.

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Jace    11

Trucks are pretty cool IMO. Never see them here though. Here you only see stupid toyota's (the new ugly, small ones), Volkswagens, Opels (Vauxhaul) and renaults.... But then this isn't really the place to have a truck actually..

So it's a diesel I guess? How much torque and horsepower does it have?

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