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Favorite Radio Station

Favorite Radio Station  

83 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your favorite radio station?

    • Flash FM
    • Espantoso
    • Emotion 98.3
    • VCPR
    • K-Chat
    • V-Rock
    • Wave 103
    • Wildstyle
    • Fever 105

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Rashon.    10

Yeah, I make a topic for favorite radio station for almost every GTA section but Vice City's soundtrack is loved by a lot of GTA players. The first time I played the game, I was only interested in listening to Flash FM and especially VCPR but I've gotten really use to the radio stations now. VCPR is still my favorite radio station since it's so hilarious.

If I missed a radio station, tell me.

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Silberio    5


la voz hispana de Vice City!!!!

i love it.

1, because its on my language

2, i love jazz, mambo, Maracaibo Oriental (my favourite song)

3, PEPE!!!

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nabo    0

I voted Flash FM, because it was the first radio station i listened to in vice city, and it also has the best songs in the game...

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