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  1. Weapon

    i like the double barrel shotgun..... when i use the infinite ammo cheat with the ar max, and dual wield the double barrel shotgun, i never need to wait for a reload, much more effective in crowds than the mini gun in my opinion. and more fun.....
  2. turf wars help

    i wiped the ballas turf green, they have no turf, and now i seem to be getting attacked more often by other gangs and there are ballas everywhere, now what?
  3. i need help

    yeah, sandking, sorry, i've been working a lot....
  4. i need help

    i'll check to be sure when i get back from work.....
  5. Retards

    the reply is where we get to legally state our "negative opinions" about them and share the funny stuff here this is what i sent him: "its not the games, or the game makers or the platform makers, its the parents, the parents should know if their child is not all there in the head, the parents should be aware of what games are being played by their child and what rating the game has. the parents should be doing their job and pay attention to their kids. my 5 year old brother plays vice city, he loves it, my parents know he plays it and supervises him while he plays. they know he can still determine right from wrong in real life. basically, parents should be aware of their child's ability to tell what is real and what is fiction. and if you can sue game makers because kids are killing people, then we can sue you for threatening to eliminate our entertainment. this is one our basic means of relaxing after a hard day at work, this is a way to relieve stress, a form of therapy for some people. video games aren't the problem, inattentative parents are the problem. a good point about the playstation is, i read somewhere not too long ago on yahoo news, a microsurgeon (a doctor who deals with micro surgery, commonly needed for reattachment of limbs), plays on the playstation, whatever games he wants to play, and uses that time of play to help train his fingers. the control and precision he learns while playing help with his coordination and control during surgeries, leading to a higher rate of successful reattatchments.... sitck that in your pipe and smoke it! p.s. try playing the game and learn the game a little before you make crazy allegations...." by the way skyline, "i before e except, after c"
  6. i need help

    you get the sandmaster at the stadium in san fierro, if you complete the races.....
  7. wheel arch angles

    ok, thanks....
  8. wheel arch angles

    i found it, but it won't open, does it become unlocked later in the game?
  9. fare well lady mission

    he looked exactly like vercetti and i had no idea the guy's name is claude. i never really paid attention to names in in gta3. san andreas i have been though. at least there was a connection there....
  10. transfender location?

    they show up on the map after you find them. i found one right by the garage you get from a race.....
  11. did anyone realize the connection between the crazy catalina and her new boyfriend? the new boyfriend is vercetti and the crazy catalina is the chick who shoots him after a robbery in liberty city....
  12. transfender location?

    no, i got this one used.....
  13. transfender location?

    i finally got san andreas and i love it, but i can't find a single transfender. i've looked for hours. am i blind?
  14. Vice City Picture Perfect

    mr. vercetti is firing his gun, must have hit the banshee and the driver got out, you can see the driver's arm in the pic, under tommy's arm. the differrent colors on the banshee is caused by the door being open and changing the light levels. just as a technical perspective of the image. good pic though.....
  15. this is funny, i think.....

    my wife noticed that..... and had i known it was in the innuendos topic, i wouldn't have started another topic for this..... but its all good.....