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  1. MTA Section?

  2. MTA Section?

    okay first did you do the instructions? you need ase also you know? http://www.mtavc.com/sbs.php have you looked therE?
  3. MTA Section?

    Here, MTA is easy to install and work, and you don't need a ps2 controller...all you need to do is configure your keyboard settings to how you like it =) if you need help installing mta add me to your aim buddylist YamazakiVega
  4. MTA Section?

    Cause I'm pretty sure it would be fun to have people support each other in online play instead of 1 player game
  5. M³ W³³ Líl Shºp

    Yours was a bit difficult to do, but I managed to pull something off Here Avatar Sig =/
  6. Stunt Freaks

    I'm starting up a new Clan soon soo I'd thought I'd show off this layout I made before I make a new one Link removed by an administrator you need 30 posts or more to advertise here
  7. which is the superior game?

    Vice city Is best out of PC, GTAIII is okay, but I don't really like the graphics on it
  8. Multi Theft Auto

    Okay I'm an experienced MTA player and I'll Answer these 1. Yes you can install mods (map, cars, handlings) 2. NO 3. No you can't save, their all a play and leave server 4. No you don't need a mod to enter stunt, you can go into either stunt or deathmatch depends on if you liek killing or stunting 5. Yes there are mods not cheats (the ones you type) 6. The only people and cars you see are the ones you play online with (meaning other actual online players) 7. No missions really, unless your in clan wars, or the admin is playing a game (cops and robbers) or your just setting a goal for your score 8. Usually there are 5-6 differ players to choose from, each of them have 2-3 unique skins that appear randomly if you choose em EX: I choose Candy 5 times over the course of the game if i die I might come out to be Candy 3 times, A Girl In white Thongs and a Cowboy Hat, and some Barbie Girl. You just gotta play around with it until you get the hang of it Hope I gave you all the info you need
  9. Vice City Picture Perfect

    Whats that blue stuff behind the bike?? Is that Banshee part blue and part gray!?!?
  10. Best graphics?

  11. M³ W³³ Líl Shºp

    I would be happy to make some graphics for you all Heres how It goes Avatar - 10 Dollars Please Sig - 20 Dollars Please Other Graphics - 25 Dollars Web Stuff - 45 Dollars Note: -That I have good experience!! -An Image would be useful for me to make graphics -Good amount of Details would be make things easier P.S. First Person to reply this gets a free Set of Custom Made Sig and Avatar
  12. Killing fun

    Me I like to kill people with sticks... I accidently clicked on view results nd now I can't vote. My favorite way to kill people is to hurl sticks at then SO I consider someone making a BOW FOR WEAPON!!! P.S. If someone do make Bow for weapon PM ME
  13. Cool Screenshots

    My first post I hope it isn't a prob to post pictues I have from a server