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  1. Idea for DLC Episode 3

    Not sure if this is the right forum area, but here goes. I think it might be interesting (and fun) if, for Episode Three of the downloadable content, Rockstar had it centered around Michelle/Karen. She's an interesting character, and is said to be (in cutscenes) a person quite like Niko "Someone with something to lose, but not a lot to live for.". I'm wondering if that means she was a killer for hire (or something of the sort) like Niko? This would be a first in two ways for Rockstar: 1. First game (well, semi-game, as it's just a DLC) featuring a female main character. 2. First game featuring a main character who's a government operative (or at least, a main character who becomes one). What do you all think of that?
  2. The Lost and Damned previews and screenshots out

    Haha yeah I saw that screenshot, made me laugh at the poor prison guys flying through the air. "The bus crashed! We're gonna be free-OH FUCK! * Can't wait to take that bus on rampages. Go through the Pay 'N' Spray until I get a yellow bus, and pretend I'm a psycho bus driver XDD
  3. The Lost and Damned previews and screenshots out

    I think one of the new vehicles is a prison bus, an old one, judging by the front of the vehicle. It's shown in the screen where Johnny's holding an RPG or grenade launcher. BTW, the bus is blowing up and there's a guy in an orange jumpsuit getting flung by the explosion.
  4. Mod Compatibility

    Completely unrelated. My question is about Steam. To install mods into GTA:IV, you have to download a mod installer and some other stuff...I'd recommend this site: www.thegtaplace.com/downloads Also, you don't need permission to use mods. And you'll get more help if you speak in complete sentences and use words people can understand.
  5. Mod Compatibility

    Alright, I know that you have to install some file editors to be able to mod GTA:IV, but my question is...is the Steam version of GTA:IV able to be modified?