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  1. Help with making mod! :)

    Ohhhhkkkk!!!! Thanks alot man!!
  2. Help with making mod! :)

    I have a question. If I'm creating a car, for example, using ZModeler, how do I use it, like what do i do after creating the car? And I would also like you to tell me how do I put the textures on the car? Sorry if i asked too much! :)
  3. Help with making mod! :)

    Ohhh thanks man!!! That really was helpful!!
  4. Your favorite bike

    the PCJ 600 is my favourite too but only if you are roaming around. For stunts, i would go with the Sanchez.
  5. Making car mods.

    ^ PWNED!!! Nyc one man!!
  6. Vehicle Spawn

    I have another idea!! This one was made by LithJoe and it works great!! (thanks Lith!! ) http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f38-vice-city-ultimate-trainer Also, if you want a clean stat (unlike cheats which decrease stats), you may want to use this trainer because it doesn't affect the stats at all!!! Hope this helps!!
  7. wat is vcmm?

    ^ As the guys said above!! Anyways, if u want to add .vcm mods into Vice City, just download the .zip folder (or the mod folder ), open the folder and extract the .vcm file to C:\Program Files\vcmm\mods\vcm but the address might vary according to where u set the directory!! Hope this helps
  8. Gta vice city 2012 by Einoriuks

    AWESUM!!! :thumbsup: I loved your mod!!! Especially the jumps!! I was hoping you could try out the double round ramp but no problem!! And BTW, the last "Double Insane Stunt" was great!!
  9. Help with making mod! :)

    ^But that's AFTER you have made a mod and if you are creating a .vcm mod.... I want to know how to make mods from scatch!! Anyways thanks for the help.
  10. coll editor

    Open gta3.img with the IMG tool (if you don't have it, download it off the web) Then, make a backup of the sparrow.dff and sparrow.txd (just extract them to a backup folder) ALWAYS do this when modding!!! Then DELETE these files, not REPLACE!! It doesn't always work. Then add the sparrow.dff and sparrow.txd from the download file. Regarding the sparrow.col file, it is a Collision file, so you'll need CollEditor2. Open the CollEditor2 and open the vehicles.col from the GTA VC folder. After opening the file, find the default sparrow.col and make a backup of it (same way as earlier). Then delete the .col and import the downloaded sparrow.col. Then, open GTA and enjoy!!! Hope this helped!!
  11. Hello guys!! I'm kinda new here and I have seen amazing mods over here and I also downloaded some of them. So, I've been thinking, how do you make your own mods, like I want to create my own car?? Also, can you give me every info I would need, (eg. programs, cols, handling, etc) <-- what are they??? Please help me!!