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  1. There is a new light roleplay server coming up and it's Simple Life Roleplay. We are still in BETA version, because we are still checking out if we can find bugs or things that need to get better. But even in this BETA mode we can use players to help with the testing and just to have fun. That's why we need you to play at our server! Server IP: What kind of server is SL:RP? This is a roleplay server, but not a really serious one. You don't have to worry you will be kicked/banned/jailed for not roleplaying, but we do appreciate it when people roleplay. We care more about just having fun in this server with pointbattles or fun events. But, also roleplaying can be fun, so just give it a try once in a while. The combination of roleplaying and just play around is a good one! BETA We are busy with creating a fun server to play at. It will take some time, but we can use all help and support from players. If you have any ideas or other comments about the server they can be placed on the forums. We have a small admin team at the moment, so we can use good people that are interested in our server and that want to help with our server. Not only admins are needed, but also moderators, newbie helpers and gang/faction leaders! Since we just started, we don't have any application form for these things, you can just contact any of the admins in-game or with a private message and then we will check out what we do with it. Server Features: Dynamic housing - players can create their own houses ingame + choose a house car Families - we can create gangs/families in-game and players can become leaders or members Point battles - the gangs/families in the server can fight to claim a point, like drughouses or material points Factions - like LSPD, FBI, news, hitman, firemen etc Jobs - like Detective, Lawyer, Drug dealer, Drug smuggler, Arms dealer, Mechanic, Taxi driver etc We are also giving out free things in-game for the begin players, because we appreciate them for helping out with testing and keeping the server active We hope to see you in Simple Life RP soon!