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  1. GTA IV Trailer #2 - Coming June 28th

    there was some new info in the Play Uk magazine....so make new post on that...i think the new info is good the link http://mattyblog.cookynet.com/gta4_mag023.html
  2. well we'll never know until it comes out...but i wonder how they going to make the ghetto and rich neigborhood....i do think it will be relly cool if they have a realistic manhattan...but they doudt it my mind dat gta4 will be best game out this year with the next gen system....and GTA IV will bury all the other wannabe games like True Crime, Saint Row, Gateway, Driver in the dust....Rockstar and gta have been in da game for a long time since ps1...and they know what we as fans...and they would dileiver it...like always....and ill know how realistic the game will be compared to NY when i play it...cause ill compare it with the city i live in...NYC...the best city in the world...lol 4 MONTHS AND 17 DAYS LEFT TILL GTA IV....DAMN THAT SEEMS A LONG TIME...CAN'T WAIT!!!!
  3. Speculation about the cellphone.

    well i think there might be a video feature in the cellphone...that'll be cool...i wonder what ringtone it'll play...lol
  4. >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I want to see in the GTA 4 -better damage to car like shattering windows -being able to play more then one city...like liberty City and use a plane or boat to got to a different city....like in one of the mission in SA but not haveing a mission to vist the city and have acess to whole city -makeing your own chacrater in da game -more things can be modded on to a car like neon lights and body kits -more planes like boeing 747...jet fighters...and slealt planes -more boats like curise ships -of course more cars and look more realtic to cars that already exist...like a BMW lookin very a like - I like the busisness ideas that was in VCS and i like it to come back in GTA4 but bigger thats all i thought of the game for the next trailer i want to see a longer trialer like 2 min and show a actuall mission with more characters in the game and new features
  5. GTA IV Trailer

    Im totaly blown away from the setting gta4 is. I would never of thought Liberty City. Its amazing how much it looks like new york city and im hyped about that because i live in nyc.... its like bein home...lol...I believe it the game is gonna have more then one city and since the character is eastern Europen. We might see some of easter Europe as one of the cities.